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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 4, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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to daycare shot and killed with her children in the back seat. the search for the woman's estranged boyfriend. jessica flores reports. >> reporter: police are giving us more background into what led up to this. around 9 a.m., the mother was driving her kids to daycare. she spotted this estranged boyfriend she was trying to avoid him so she kept driving here to rheem and 29th street in richmond and that's when police say the estranged boyfriend got out of his car and killed the mother in front of her two children. a neighbor's surveillance camera captures the mother in her suv driving up to the stop sign, the ex-boyfriend pulling up beside. police say he got out and shot her killing her instantly before taking off. her two young children in the back seat but unharmed. neighbors swarmed in to help. one woman got the kids out of the car and escorted them away. >> i cannot believe what happened this morning. i open the door i went outside and i saw the car and i -- we
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went there and the lady already dead inside the car. >> reporter: richmond police identified the victim as 29- year-old richmond rest dand rashanda franklin. the 43-year-old suspect had been stalking the mother this morning. as she drove her kids to daycare . >> the suspect followed her in his own car in his mercedes- benz s550. >> reporter: the suspect blocked the victim at 29th and rheem. the two argued for a few seconds, before the suspect shot the victim. police say the mother's two children are now with relatives. >> they are physically unharmed but i think the emotional toll is -- is going to be pretty devastating. a $2 million warrant is issued
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for lawyer dushan mcbride 43 of san pablo. police are asking the public's help in locating this man last seen driving a silver mercedes- benz. they are asking people to call police right away. >> what else, jessica, do police know about the suspect? does he have a violent past? >> reporter: he does have a criminal record and he has a past with domestic violence and police even tell us that the victim had a restraining order against him. >> thank you. a first court appearance today for the north bay man accused of kidnapping and sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl. 50-year-old timothy lee marvel was arrested saturday morning after the victim jumped out of a moving car to escape. police say he picked up the teenager early friday morning at a shell station in napa. she was discovered saturday on state highway 1 in bodega bay
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after she allegedly jumped out of marble's moving vehicle. officials say marble met that girl at a gas station at 3 a.m. and gave her a ride. she told police over the next few hours the two smoked marijuana together and that he forced her to take methamphetamine. she also said that he sexually assaulted her several times. the girl was taken to the hospital with injuries. marble is charged with multiple counts including kidnapping and child abuse. new help victims of the san jose flood, an idea to help people whose cars were ruined by coyote creek floodwaters. kpix 5's keit do says the city is giving away free cars. >> reporter: six weeks after the flooding in the rocksprings area of san jose they are still trying to get on their feet out here lots of debris everywhere, contractors running around back and forth and we are seeing a lot of abandoned vehicles damaged by the floods left on the side of the road. 200 families lost the car or had one damaged by the floods and the city says they will
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need all the help they can get. the flood damaged not one but two of this man's salicos. the 67-year-old doesn't have a lot of money and so he tried to fix it himself without much luck. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: he says the water has ruined the engine. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: but help is on the way. the city of san jose announced a new car replacement program for flood victims. first the city is set to approve the donation of 20 used fleet vehicles like this ford taurus. they are typically about 10 years old with over 100,000 miles. second, citizens can donate used cars to goodwill and claim a tax deduction in the process. goodwill will help make sure the vehicles go to the neediest families. >> i'd like everybody to know that your donation to goodwill of a car is not a handout. it's a hand up for those in need. >> reporter: remember that flood victims fund that everybody has been donating to? it's now up to about $6.4 million. that means hundreds of families who lost cars in the flood will get a voucher worth $3,000. victims will be able to take
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that voucher to any of the 61 locations in the silicon valley auto dealers association and buy a new car with an employee discount, buy a heavily discounted used car or apply the voucher towards deeply discounted repair service on the flood damaged cars. >> so with a way to stretch that money it's like stone soup. you put a little bit of money and it grows and there's more money and pretty soon people can take care of themselves. >> reporter: we asked him if $3,000 was enough. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: i'll get what i get and try not to demand anything more. >> reporter: and so catholic charities of santa clara county will be handling the verification process to make sure that the victims qualify with their current income and insurance. make sure everything is on the up and up. but the city says if you have not helped these victims yet, now is your chance to donate a car and help out your neighbor. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. bart is having some delays getting its new railcars. the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting that while construction of the bart
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extension to san jose is ahead of schedule, delivery of the new railcars is falling behind. the paper says the first batch of cars to be delivered has some software and braking issues. that's delaying subsequent deliveries until those problems are worked out. with an east bay community growing by the minute, parents and teachers say the need for a second high school is greater than ever. kpix 5's anne makovec reports from dublin, with the calls for a new campus. >> reporter: dublin's only high school is bursting at the seams. the elementary school and middle schools are packed beyond capacity. and as those students become freshmen, the math doesn't add up. >> basically, the infrastructure is not keeping up with the population here in dublin. it's one of california's fastest growing cities. and the number of students has doubled in 10 years. the school board agreed more than a year ago to build a second high school but there's still no solid strategy. two new online petitions are
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turning up the heat. one accuses the board of dragging its feet. the other says the new high school needs to have room for at least 2500 students. there are more than 1300 signatures between the two. >> all of these processes take time. so we are close. >> reporter: the school district spokesman says the search has been narrowed to 4 sites. in the meantime, they will add portable classrooms to dublin high. >> real estate is expensive here in dublin. costs are big. and our board is working to make sure we get the best deal we can so that we can build the best facility we can. >> reporter: the district still needs to figure out financing. voters passed measure h last year, a $283 million bond. $60million from that was issued in november but the next installment of $90 million isn't scheduled until 2019. the district's goal is to have a school open by 2021. in dublin, anne makevoc, kpix 5. today president trump's allies are accusing a key
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member of president obama's team of using intelligence for political gain. reporter craig boswell has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: president trump pointed the finger at president obama's national security adviser with a retweet rice ordered spy docs on trump, susan rice is firmly pushing back. >> i leaks nothing to nobody. [ laughter ] >> and never have and never would. >> reporter: rice told msnbc as national security adviser she would sometimes ask for the identities of u.s. civilians caught up in foreign surveillance but it had nothing to do with politics. >> there's no equivalence between so-called unmasking and leaking. the -- the effort to ask for the identity of american citizens is necessary to understand the importance of an intelligence report in some instances. >> reporter: the white house says there was no collusion between trump campaign associates and russia during the election and insists the real story is the obama administration's improper surveillance of u.s. civilians and leaks to the press. >> we have been trying to say that from the get-go that
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there's been an ongoing investigation that we have supported looking into this matter. >> reporter: the white house also says it knows nothing about a meeting between blackwater security firm founder erik prince and an associate of vladimir putin and calls the story glimpsecy . the "washington post" claims the united arab emirates arranged a meeting in the seychelles islands where prince was looking to establish a line between putin and trump. prince gave more than $200,000 to president trump's campaign and prince's sister is education secretary betsy devos. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> ivanka trump is speaking out for the first time since becoming assistant to the president. and she is answering her critics in an exclusive interview with "cbs this morning." >> if being complicit is wanting to -- is wanting to be
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a force for good and to make a positive impact, then i'm complicit. i don't know that the critics who may say that of me, if they found themselves in this very unique and unprecedented situation that i am now in, would do any differently than i'm doing. so i hope to make a positive impact. i don't know what it means to be, um, complicit. but, um, but, you know, i hope time will prove that i have, um, done a good job and much more importantly, that my father's administration is the success that i know it will be. >> and you can watch the full interview tomorrow morning on "cbs this morning" starting at 7 a.m. coming up, scary moments for a motorcyclist. >> a mattress -- a mattress! flying at him on the road. see how he manages to walk away from this. >> plus, turning a bay area family's health challenge into a booming business. the unique story behind these
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frozen treats. >> and freebies ready for the take. the hidden perks built into your account and how to take advantage. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sick... and then she turned that idea into a booming business. a bay area woman came up with an idea to help her mom, who is sick, and then she turned that idea into a booming business! kpix 5's juliette goodrich shows us how she did it. juliette. >> reporter: liz, this is one of those things where i go, why didn't i think of this? this is the monster pop. it's filled with veggies and fruit and it's really good. and the creator's kids are right here and they like it, too. can you wave? having your lemonade and orange pops. and their mom's business is really taking off. >> yeah, it's growing ever year. >> reporter: kim harris and her husband luke have spent countless hours in this
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kitchen. >> we are in here from 12 to 15 hours and my husband luke usually stays later to clean up and use the filling machine. >> reporter: they are making ice pops. >> so this will strain all the big chunks out. >> reporter: similar to otter pops with an organic twist. watermelons and lemons? >> we buy cases. we get our produce from [ indiscernible ] organics. >> reporter: the idea came about when when her mother who was fighting breast cancer was given three months to live. >> so my mom and i totally changed her diet and we started juicing and eating raw food and she lived with three years. >> reporter: after her mother died, kim discovered freezing the juice concoctions was not only a soothing treat to her little ones who were teething, but it was a healthy treat for kids and adults. >> are we giving away trade secrets? >> watermelon, oranges, lemons, that's it. no stabilizers, no concentrates, no dice. it's real food.
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>> reporter: in the same year, she not only self-published her mother's short story about the tooth fairy, she was inspired to make healthy ice pops and called them fairy-ella ice pops. >> the process of discovery we don't have a food industry background, and so we just have been learning as we go and, um, it's been fun. >> this is good. i'm not just saying that. >> reporter: great ideas come with time, commitment and a labor of love. but her message to moms with an idea? >> go for it. >> reporter: that's how put them up there, huh? >> yeah. >> reporter: don't get a brain freeze, all right? okay. now, there are a lot of flavors and actually there are going to be two new flavors coming out. what were those? >> chocolate and blueberry. >> reporter: and already they are in 22 whole foods in the bay area and they hope to have this business keep on growing. that's it for us in walnut creek. i'm juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> great on a lot day.
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a high school senior in new jersey has a tough decision to make. but it's one that most students only dream of. >> harvard college, yale, princeton, dartmouth, cornell, u penn, columbia, stanford, and brown. >> she's in. 17-year-old [indiscernible name] was accepted into all eight ivy league colleges and you heard stanford in there, as well? she wants to study biology and then go into global health policy. she has not decided which school to attend but says there is one big thing that the colleges can do to sweeten the pot. >> i'm praying that they give me some more financial aid or some money, you know, shoutout to all those schools, please give me something. [ laughter ] >> a little something. her parents say they are leaving the decision up to her. everybody likes free stuff but a lot of people aren't taking advantage of some hidden perks that are already built into their accounts. >> kpix 5 morning anchor kenny
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choi looks at what we could be cashing in on. >> reporter: emily constantino signed up for amazon prime for one reason. >> honestly for the shipping. >> reporter: but it turns out, amazon prime has lots of other freebies besides free shipping that many customers don't know about. >> they have so many other perks, free music, free movies, free books, all kinds of things that you can take advantage of. >> reporter: there's also free photo storage and even discounts on diapers. and many people are also not aware of hidden benefits on their phones. verizon users can stream the nfl network, play-off games and the super bowl for free. sprint customers can watch the nba, plus some other networks. at&t has a perk that automatically plugs you into free wi-fi at any affiliated hot spots like starbucks, mcdonald's and barnes & noble. and t-mobile users can stream as much music as they wish. many credit cards come with extra benefits as well like cash back, rental car insurance
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and extended warranties on certain products. and aaa members can get more than just travel perks. >> you think of aaa discounts for hotels, for, um, for rental cars. but a lot of times you don't think of it as going to a restaurant in the area or going to a store and actually getting 15 or 20% off so it's a very nice perk. >> reporter: finding these perks just takes a little bit of research. >> you really need to do your homework and recognize that there may be other opportunities for you to take advantage of. >> reporter: opportunities that could lead to some freebies. kenny choi, kpix 5. and you can watch kenny and our entire morning team weekdays starting at 4:30 a.m. right here on kpix 5. take a look at this. bad luck and good luck for this motorcyclist in australia. watch as the mattress flies off the trailer of the truck right into the biker. he stays up right and comes to a controlled stop. he was going 50 miles per hour
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when it happened. palomares road in alameda county will be out of use for a month starting tomorrow. the section between palo verdes road and niles canyon road will be closed off. crews are working to stabilize a nearby hillside at winter rains. and an update on thers to repair storm damage in the south -- on the efforts to repair storm damage in the south bay. last month "sky drone 5" captured images this mudslide that worked out a section of mount hamilton road in the hills above san jose. "sky drone 5" showing what that same stretch of road looked like yesterday. construction crews were busy building a retaining wall so they can eventually restore the road. it's one of only two roads leading up to lick observatory that's at the very top of the summit. caltrans crews had hoped to re- open the road by the end of the month but have faced some setbacks. >> we're hitting a lot of heavy rock that we didn't anticipate. that's what's causing a delay where we thought we could be finished by the end of april. we in fact won't be finished
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until mid-may. >> there is a second road people can use to get to lick observatory or grant ranch, ending or quimby road. good advice. for you good advice will be umbrella! thursday, friday. maybe saturday. we have rain on the way for the bay area as we look live toward the golden gate bridge in the distance. forecast is coming up in just a few minutes. and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, testing only bay area's newest transit system brought to a halt because of this. the race to shore up a landslide before it becomes another setback for smart train. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we had a nice warm day in the bay area with numbers at 80 but we begin with the snow at "sierra at tahoe" twin bridges, lots of students hitting the slopes. hard to believe that today we are in the low 80s in the warmest spots in the bay area. plenty of snow this year so
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they are taking advantage of it. still in the mid-70s around the bay area even as we approach 5:30. tonight livermore has 72. concord 75. san jose 74. santa rosa 66. tomorrow will be nice and warm, too. and with high clouds, mild overnight. we'll get down to about 42 at santa rosa and 51 in san francisco. high pressure is still in command. and yet! look at the high clouds that are riding over the top of that ridge giving us some of the high clouds that we had today. no rain in that. but there will be some as that low pressure just bashes the top out of that high and as a result, by wednesday afternoon, tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 we get more high clouds but still warm tomorrow. still near 80. look what happens thursday by 1 p.m. a few scattered showers not much but thursday night, friday midnight we are going to be looking for rain heavy at times, winds picking up gusts
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to reach 60 miles an hour in the higher elevations. this is friday midnight and wee small hours of friday morning. scattered showers later in the day but friday looks wet and overnight thursday night, friday morning, it will get hit hard. so in the meantime, partly cloudy and cool tonight. the same for tomorrow. another warm day but then big changes begin on thursday temperatures come down and so will the rain. high temperatures tomorrow will see 72 at santa rosa. 77 at concord. 80 in the livermore for san jose 77 degrees. looking ahead, low 80s tomorrow. so a little warmer in the inland areas. but then thursday the numbers drop 10 degrees. they drop further on friday. they drop further on saturday. and we'll be wet late thursday, friday and saturday. sunday a break. and there's a hint that there's more coming in on monday. so after a long spell of fairly warm weather, get ready for wet. you're used to that, aren't you? back in a minute. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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scott pelley is here with a preview. hi allen and liz.. [take vo number:550a] up next... allegations of a new chemical attack in syria. but who is to blame? [take vo number:550b] plus, a new scam here at home -- virtual kidnappings. and, this man hold scott pelley is here with a preview of the "cbs evening news." >> reporter: up next, allegations of a chemical weapons attack in syria. but who is to blame? plus, a new scam here at home. virtual kidnappings. >> and this man holds the key nearly 2800 of them to what's behind the closed doors at the vatican. those stories coming up in a few seconds on the "cbs evening news."
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>> can't wait to see that. well, curry i don't care oke is taking over the bay area. steph curry made an appearance on the "late late show" with james corden. >> i thought we were going to carpool karaoke, man. this is what i have been dreaming about. >> right. >> whoo! >> i can definitely sing. >> i don't believe you. like blah, blah, blah, blah, pachulia. [ laughter ] >> zaza pa church yeah. pachulia! >> he finally gave steph a chance. not only did he shock corden with his singing abilities but his song choice. ♪[ music ] >> he is definitely a dad. for parents you know that song is from "frozen," corden also couldn't resist folks fun of
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his chewing on the mouth guard. thank you for watching. see you at 6:00. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: atrocity in syria. president trump says the suspected chemical attack that left dozens dead was a result of president obama's "weakness." also tonight, susan rice denies putting out the identities of trump associates caught up in surveillance of foreigners. he i leaked nothing to nobody. >> pelley: it sounded frighteningly real. >> "dad, they're taking me in a van." and a guy comes on the phone and says, "we've got your daughter." >> pelley: but the kidnapping was a con. and one of the most powerful men you've never heard of. he can open doors at the vatican.


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